Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

These are the most frequently asked questions by our clients. Just click the link to view the answer.

  • What is Maximized Living anyway?

Maximized Living is a health care delivery system based on the 5 Esential of Heath. Our goal is to change the way health care is viewed and delivered. So that we can eliminate all of the unnessecary suffering that goes on because of poor choices people are making with their health.


  • Do you have any special offers so I can experience what you do?


We usually have one or one coming up soon, so call us at 305-238-2310 or email us at

  • What is Chiropractic?


Chiropractic is a 113 year old philosophy and art that uses the body’s own intelligence to heal the body. It does this by removing interferences in the Central Nervous System that then allow the proper information to flow freely to every part of the body, allowing the body to be function optimally.

  • What is a Subluxation?


A vertebral subluxation is a condition of the spine in which a vertebra is out of its proper position causing interference in the nervous system. This prevents your inborn wisdom from expressing itself fully. This subluxation causes a breakdown in proper function of your body resulting in an unhealthy state of being. It is not always related to pain or symptoms but as soon as a subluxation occurs it is associated with a decrease in potential of your body.

  • Why Don’t I Ask You How You Feel?


Straight Chiropractic does not attempt to cure or treat any condition, nor does it try to make anyone feel better (Tylenol can do that!). Straight Chiropractic does not use therapy machines to loosen you up or heat or massage or ultrasound to increase circulation. If your body needs heat or circulation, then removing the nerve pressure in your spine will allow the body to produce the optimum circulation to heat your body naturally.

By removing nerve pressure in the spine, your body can function more powerfully in every way, thus affording your body an opportunity to heal and cure you of just about any sickness, pain, or condition. Your body treats itself And, often it does so by increasing your symptoms. Yes, sometimes your body uses pain, fever, chills, and nausea to heal itself. That is why straight Chiropractic never tries to alleviate your symptoms! Your body my be using the symptoms in order to return you to health?

Yes, of course I care about you and how you are feeling but it does not determine which vertebrae I will adjust.

  • Will my symptoms go away?


Yes, when you leave this world. Our goal is not to make symptoms decrease or increase. Our goal is to re-establish communication between the brain and the physical body so that the body can decrease or increase symptoms when the Inborn Intelligence that exists within us decides to increase or decrease symptoms.

  • Eg. Coughing when the lung is infected and has congestion can be a wonderful symptom.
  • Diarrhea flushes unwanted material from the body.
  • Fever can fight infection and afford the body a wonderful workout for the immune system.

Be clear about this “symptom” idea. It is often the only method by which the body can return to a state of optimal health.


God does the healing.

  • What is Chiropractic Rehab?


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