Grass Fed Beef and More

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For so very long we have been told that beef was bad.  Many people are proud to tell me that they don’t eat beef.  Sorry the truth is that Food By Good is always better than Food By Man. And God made fruits, vegetables, chickens, fish and beef so that makes it a potentially healthy food. Why potentially? Well the animal (beef, chicken, or fish) can be raised in a natural way like it has since the beginning of time and therefor healthy. But most animals including fish are not raised this way and are very unhealthy.

Most animals raised in America today are fed grains which are not a part of their normal standard diet. Did you know that Farm raised fish is about as nutritious as a doughnut. Did you know that grass fed beef has more Omega 3 fatty acids then farm raised fish?  Yes that means that steak CAN be better for your heart and brain and joints then fish…. depending on how it was raised.

This also goes for dairy products. You must know what the animal was fed before you want to consume anything that came from it.

So what is the solution?  The only beef you want to consume is Grass Fed or even better Green Finished. What the animal ate the last 3 months of its life is the most important to your health. We get most of our meat and dairy from Beyond Organic.  My family loves all of their products so much we set ourselves up on auto ship as a staple in our diet.  For a limited time Living Beyond Organic the book is available to download.