Chiropratic and Children

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Chiropractic and Children

Do to others as you would have them do to you.  Luke 6:31

I start with that statement because I have been under chiropractic care my entire life. My spine was checked for Subluxation (misalignments) on the day I was born. My sisters and I have experienced incredible health throughout our lives and we attribute it to life time chiropractic care.  Now that I am a father I make sure to check my daughter’s spine on a regular basis as well.  I want your children to be healthy so they don’t develop some of the same problems their parents did.  Chiropractic as well as all the 5 Essentials are key to raising healthy children.
In our office we take care of symptomatic children as well as asymptomatic children.  An improvement in health and wellness is the objective with children under Chiropractic care. Instead of restoring a child or infant to a pre-symptom or pre-illness state, Chiropractic care strives to: help  the child to perceive the environment with less stress; express emotions more effectively; have more self awareness of his body and spine; verbalize a body sense, awareness or emotion; make healthier internally guided choices; and meet the world with greater love. Chiropractic can help establish new strategies, especially when the infant is still hardwiring the motor system at the spine. These new strategies can allow for greater self-observation and regulation of spinal tension patterns and distortion


No child is too young or too sick to get their spine adjusted.  I will modify my chiropractic adjusting technique to the spine in front of me.  Whether it is a child born minutes earlier or a world champion athlete minutes before they go on the mat to compete.

Positive Experiences

Dr Joe cared for these students 2 times a week for 2 months with chiropractic. During the course of care the parents reported that there disposition has improved, that they were more attentive, were more relaxed, slept better and in general seemed to behave better.

The teacher reported that the students seemed to be more focused and for longer periods of time.