Spinal Correction Exercises

The list below is the most common exercises we use in the office to get quicker and greater spinal correction.  Your commitment to doing these exercises EVERY DAY will dictate amount of Spinal correction you will get.  Many people choose to start at about 25% of recommended time. For example if the doctor recommends 20 minutes a day you may only feel comfortable with 5 minutes a day.  If you cannot do the full recommended amount it is suggest that you do the exercises more often,  2-3 times a day for a lower amount of time.

Caution: do not drive or operate machinery with any of the equipment.

Warning: All exercises should be done at your own pace and tolerance. If you feel discomfort, please stop immediately and contact your doctor.  The doctor will give you a recommendation for your exercises.  It is recommended that you start all of the exercises at a lower intensity, lower repetition and shorter duration until your body is ready and capable to do the full recommended amount of exercise.  Everyone will progress at different speeds.  It is critical that no matter what your level that you do them every day so that your body adapts and corrects as quickly as possible.

YouTube Preview Image
1 Home Rehabilitation Intro Watch
2 Air Cushion Watch
3 Head Weighting Watch
4 Rolls / Spinal Sleeping Aids Watch
5 Cervical Traction Exercise Watch
6 Pelvic Wedges/ Spinal Sleeping Aids Watch
7 Cervical Flexion Exercise Watch
8 Alar Ligament Left Watch
9 Alar Ligament Right Watch
10 Atlas (C-1) Rotation Exercise Right Watch
11 Atlas (C-1) Rotation Exercise Left Watch
12 Cervical Dorsal Exercise (Compensated) Watch
13 Cervical Dorsal Exercise (Uncompensated) Watch
14 Cervical Extension Exercise Watch
15 Chest Expander Exercise Watch
16 Praying Mantis Exercise Watch
17 Pit Ball/Arm Squeeze Exercise Watch
18 Psoas Stretch Left Watch
19 Psoas Stretch Right Watch
20 Lumbar Extension Exercise Watch
21 Lateral Strap Left Watch
22 Lateral Strap Right Watch
23 Quadratus Lumborum Left Watch
24 Quadratus Lumborum Right Watch
25 L-5 Spondylo Blocking Exercise Watch
26 L-5 Spondylo Lower Exercise Watch
27 Leg Extension Exercise Watch
28 CT Pull Downward    Watch

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