Spinal Molding with Rolls / Spinal Sleeping Aids

Rolls / Spinal Sleeping Aids

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For most people the big roll will go under the neck and the small one will go under the lumbar spine. The minimum recommended time to benefit from spinal molding is 20 minutes a day. Ideal is to fall asleep and wake up on them the next day. The reality of it is that some of you have spines in such bad shape that you will only be able to tolerate a 2-5 minutes the first few days. If this is the case do it to tolerance 2-3 times a day. This way you are spending more time on the rolls each day.

Another great time to do the rolls is after a nice workout when your body is warmed up. When you exercise your disc and spinal structures are warmed up and soft. The position you cool down in is the position your body will mold to. This is the best time to lie on your roll for about 20 minutes.