Head Weighting

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Head Weighting for Forward Head Posture

Simply wearing a headweight for 20 minutes, twice a day, can strengthen the muscles responsible for holding the curve in your neck, and keep them working to pull that curve back long after you take it off.


Loss of the curve in your neck will cause the spine below it to buckle. This is because a
curved neck is better able to absorb the force & stress of gravity (think of how your knees flex
when you land after jumping). A straight neck will transmit forces straight down the spine.
Traditional medical science views the spine as a bridge connecting the head to the pelvis. If a
bridge begins to collapse, the correct approach is to try to hold it together by fusing its
structure. Chiropractors, however, view the spine as an engine. If the engine in your car
starts to run funny, and you fuse the cylinders together, this might not solve the problem!
Motion is essential for proper functioning of the spine and the associated soft tissue
components. One easy method of improving the curve in your neck is through the application of
spinal weights, prescribed by a knowledgeable chiropractor Does this surprise you? Have a friend hold your
arms at your side while you try to raise them up; do this for a slow count of ten. Once your friend
takes away the resistance, your arms will seem to float up on their own! Muscles have a
memory, and adapt very quickly to stressors & additional loads.