Why Don’t I Ask You How You Feel?

Posted by on Jan 13, 2012 in What we do | 0 comments

Straight Chiropractic does not attempt to cure or treat any condition, nor does it try to make anyone feel better (Tylenol can do that!). Straight Chiropractic does not use therapy machines to loosen you up or heat or massage or ultrasound to increase circulation. If your body needs heat or circulation, then removing the nerve pressure in your spine will allow the body to produce the optimum circulation to heat your body naturally.

By removing nerve pressure in the spine, your body can function more powerfully in every way, thus affording your body an opportunity to heal and cure you of just about any sickness, pain, or condition. Your body treats itself And, often it does so by increasing your symptoms. Yes, sometimes your body uses pain, fever, chills, and nausea to heal itself. That is why straight Chiropractic never tries to alleviate your symptoms! Your body my be using the symptoms in order to return you to health?

Yes, of course I care about you and how you are feeling but it does not determine which vertebrae I will adjust.

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